Once upon a time...

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Until the end of the XIXth century, the vineyard of Tonnerre was one of the oldest and one of the greatest of France. The wines produced were so qualitative that they could have been compared to the most famous crus.

The deep valleys, as well as the climate and the geology contributed to the quality and the originality of the wines of Tonnerre. The Clos de Vaulichères, former propriety of the Clermont-Tonnerre family, was one of the greatest Domaine of the area, and was at this time, considered as the best of Tonnerre.

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At the end of the XIXth century, the phylloxera disease killed all the French vineyards.
Some regions suffered more than others, and it was the case for the Tonnerre vineyard.

...then, in the 20th century...

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The vocation of Olivier Refait was born in this unique place, with its magnificent caves. He then decided to go back to his roots in 1990, and starts to plant the vineyard.

All the vineyard of the Domaine, mostly close to the Castle, benefit of a very nice exposure.
In 1993, the Domaine extends to 92 acres of older wines in the Chablis Appellation.
Today, the Château Clos de Vaulichères produces Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, with an area of production of 8 hectares .


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The wines have grown, so did Olivier Refait, who raises his wines with passion, in the most respectful Burgundy Tradition.

His know-how relies on love, listening and patience.

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... and now

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Hand picking harvest with a family atmosphere, laughs and story tells, traditional winery, low temperature fermentation, wine flow by gravity, part use of new oak barrels.

Olivier Refait knows how to bring the correct artistic touch to each of his wines: As his wines, he is charming, he seduces, and is a faithful friend.

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The most modern techniques are combined with a well-thought work. Clear robe, freshness and delicacy, rich aromas, particular well-balanced structure : All these characters offer nice wines for ageing .

From now on, the wines of the Château Clos de Vaulichères are recommended by professionals and amateurs as a reference (Guide Hachette des Vins, Prix des Œnologues de France, Gold medal award and excellence price at the Paris Agricultural Competition).

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